About the site

faceoffs.net is a project to find new and interesting ways to gain insight out of National Hockey League statistics. I’m currently mainly focusing on face-offs but I hope to eventually cover all aspects of the game.

Special requests

I have access to much more data than is displayed on this site so if you have any interesting hockey stat questions, face-off related or otherwise, feel free to shoot them my way. My contact information is below.

About the data

The information on this site is derived from the NHL’s Real-Time Scoring System (RTSS) reports. The data set currently goes back to the 2007-08 season and is updated nightly. You can verify the date of the last game in my database by looking at the bottom of any stat page.

About the author

CT Fall guys

This site was made by me, Craig Tabita. I’m a software engineer in Los Angeles and a lifelong hockey player and fan.


craig@faceoffs.net or @ctab